Children and Adults with ADHD (CHADD)

Guidance for Uncertain Times: Alone Together-Putting an End to Family Chaos

May 20, 2020

Millions of families across the world are faced with new and unexpected disruptions to their lives. The lengthy stay-at-home restrictions and days without structure could lead to stress and anxiety, which can be a recipe for chaos for parents and children affected by ADHD.

 Christine Kotik, PCC, gives advice to help parents and children learn how to coexist "alone together" by creating expectations, using the ladder technique to gauge anger, learning effective communication strategies, and more.


Christine Kotik, PCC

Christine Kotik is the coordinator of the Columbus, Ohio Chapter of CHADD and a facilitator of CHADD's Parent to Parent program. She is also a member of the ADHD Coaches Organization, where she serves on the board of directors as treasurer. Her training includes certification through the Coach Training Alliance, JST Coaching & Training, and Coach Approach for Organizers.


****Note on audio quality: This podcast was not recorded in a studio. The audio was captured and edited from a video conferencing interview.