Children and Adults with ADHD (CHADD)

Guidance for Uncertain Times: Navigating Teens at Home During COVID-19

May 5, 2020

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Parenting a teenager with ADHD who's confined at home during COVID-19 may present some challenges. How can parents and teens adjust to these circumstances?  Some teens with ADHD find the restrictions suffocating and don’t want to adhere to safety protocols. The disruption to their lives may worsen or cause anger and behavior issues. Should parents be more forgiving of bad conduct or attitudes because of the pandemic?

What does Allison Dankner, family behaviorist and learning specialist, have to say about navigating life with teens during this crisis? In the latest ADHD 365 podcast, she gives guidance to parents and teens on ways to communicate and coexist under one roof during COVID-19.

Allison C. Dankner, MS Ed, PSY BS. Family Behaviorist and Learning Specialist

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how parents can support their teens during this crisis.
  2. Get suggestions for conversing with frustrated teens.
  3. Find out how to help teens create new habits with schoolwork and social life.
  4. Get suggestions for creating a new schedule.
  5. Find out how to give teens autonomy and collaborate with them.

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